Yoru no Yatterman ตอนที่ 1-12 ซับไทย จบแล้ว: 1x11

The Truth About Yatter Metropolis

Dokurobey explains how many years ago, he and the original Doronbow Gang fought against the original Yattermen in order to reclaim the Dokuro Stones that made up his body. After years of failure, Dokurobey exiled the Doronbow descendants and declared war on the world, defeating the Yattermen in the process. Deciding to punish mankind further, Dokurobey took on the name of Yatterman, making humans work for and admire him without them knowing his true identity. As the gang try to find their way out of prison, Goro recalls he was once Allouette’s father, Gorozo, who along with his dog was captured by Dokurobey and made into a cyborg following a near-fatal accident. Learning of this, Goro uses the last of his strength to help the gang escape on a mech, which is soon shot down by Dokurobey.

Yatterman Night: 1×11
Yatterman Night: 1×11
Mar. 22, 2015

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