Sengoku Collection ตอนที่ 1 ซับไทย ยังไม่จบ: 1x6

Knowledge Master

Self proclaimed genius Hiraga Gennai is trying to make a living off her unique inventions, but none of them are selling. Her main ambition is to build a time machine to take her further into the future whilst living with a young boy dreaming of becoming a soccer star. After working all day on her time machine, Gennai becomes shocked when she learns the boy had gotten into an accident and fractured his leg, ruining his chance to be in a match the next day. Feeling guilty, Gennai reworks her time machine to take her a day into the past so she can prevent his accident from happening, allowing him to take part in his match. With the time machine broken following its use, Gennai decides she would rather focus on the present.

May. 11, 2012

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