Shakunetsu Kabaddi ดวลเดือด ชมรมกาบัดดี้ ตอนที่ 1-5 ยังไม่จบ: 1x7


The second half of the match begins. Ojo and Takaya battle furiously, switching from offense to defense and back again. Noukin closes the point gap to four points. Then, Iura tells Ojo he can’t go out on the next raid. If Ojo, tired as he is, gets injured, they won’t be able to enter the upcoming tournament. It’s a decision made to keep Noukin’s dreams from ending. Once Ojo understands Iura’s true intentions, he entrusts the task of sending Takaya out to Yoigoshi.

Burning Kabaddi: 1×7
May. 15, 2021

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